The unseen impacts of litter, public awareness campaign

This imposing interpretive installation emerged from a brief to create a durable, weather-proof, self-supporting, mobile, pop-up presence to raise awareness about the unseen impacts of litter finding its way into local waterways.

Originally briefed to design a concept around the word ‘LITTER’, our solution proposed using the word ‘THINK’. Through research and concept development, we demonstrated that this approach offered enhanced benefits to our client.

Use of this more active word, ‘THINK’, elicits curiosity and creates opportunities for more direct public engagement. From an economical point of view, it also enables re-purposing of the sign for a diverse range of public awareness initiatives, simply through the application of appropriately targetted messaging and imagery.

The sign comprises slotted, modular elements in lightweight aluminium, with water bladders in the podium base for stability.